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Ask HDBeat: Why don't I own my new DIRECTV box

Matt Burns

Andy Pargh wrote into Engadget with a question concerning DIRECTV. He had just purchased his sixth receiver and was surprised when he was informed that he didn't own the equipment; DIRECTV did. There was a time that when you paid money for something, you owned it. But this is no longer the case with DIRECTV. in fact, this policy has been in place since March 1st. DIRECTV went to a leasing model as of that date where you pay money to have the opportunity to lease the equipment. When you cancel the service, you ether have to give back the box or face a $200 fee. Many of you are saying....'WHAT!?!? I have to pay money to use their equipment and then I have to give it back." Yup. Hey, we are just the messenger. It isn't all bad news though. If something happens to their box when you are using it, they will replace it - one a year.

Thanks for the question Andy!

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