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Disc Authoring Problems

Erik Hanson

EMediaLive has an article about some of the issues and problems with authoring advanced content for next-gen DVDs such as Blu-ray and HD DVD. As we've discussed in the podcast, both formats have had their troubles creating advanced content on their discs beyond just a high-definition version of the movie. Up until recently, even HD DVD has only had the same extra content as on the standard DVD. While content providers and studios struggle with the new tools for authoring discs, currently the process is more likened to writing code line by line than using a drag-and-drop graphical tool to create advanced interfaces, picture-in-picture, and telestrator-like overlays while the movie plays. Surely just as DVD before it, once the tools mature, and authors have more experience creating content, we'll see some really great features and applications coming out from both formats.

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