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Manoi AT01 -- depressed, but ready for action


We're really not so sure what Kyosho's new Manoi AT01 has to be so glum about. It is his launch day after all. But manic depressiveness aside, he's sounding just like he did a couple of weeks ago, except now we've got real pics instead of concept renders. From what we can make of the release docs, he should be appearing in a limited run of 50 on July 31st, followed by a full-on release in September for $1,300. For the most part it appears Manoi's main goal in life is to walk around and provide a flexible platform for hobbyists to program their own motions for the unit, which could be what's getting him down, but we're sure in a few weeks, once he's subjugated the earth to his svelte iron fist, he'll cheer right up. Check out some action shots after the break.

[Via Impress]

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