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Skype readies four WiFi phones for VoIPing public


We've been waiting on Netgear's WiFi Skype phone for quite a while now, but what we didn't know is that it won't be only one of its kind for long. Skype now has four WiFi phones in the wings, the F1PP000GN-SK from Belkin (pictured), Edge-Core's WM4201, SMC's WSKP100, and of course Netgear's SPH101. From the looks of things, Netgear's entrant, which is due this month, will be the priciest at $300, but Belkin should follow in August with a quite similar offering for a much more acceptable $189. We're pretty short on details for the rest, but we should know more soon. Like the SPH101, all of the phones will allow you to manage a buddy list, and make calls from a WiFi connection without a need for a PC in between.

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