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Suck at sports? Blame video games!

Ross Miller

The following is a very odd opinion piece. In 255 words, author Nick Gholson of the Wichita Falls Times Record News (but here writing for Knoxville News Sentinel) laments on the failures of the United States in international sports: the Olympics, Wimbeldon, the World Cup. There's even a mention that the top players in the NBA Draft are foreign. We have all this doom and gloom about sports, and surely Gholson will give analysis as to why, or offer a solution.

Instead, we get 20 words that "point out" the problem: "The kids from all over the world have been playing and practicing to get better. Ours are playing video games."

That's it. That is all Gholson offers -- no statistics, no justification, just a sentence that says "American kids are playing video games." If there is a joke here, we must be thick-headed, because we cannot seem to figure out his point. The connection to video games seems tacked on at the end to add to the sensationalism currently surrounded the games industry, and Gholson gives no explanation as to his accusation.

In other words, dancing causes cancer.

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