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T3 article teaches the common folk how to use homebrew


You know, homebrew can be pretty intimidating: it uses big scary technical terms and comes with the possibility that your PSP will be "bricked." You may be one of the many that looks at our extensive homebrew coverage and weeps, wondering: "Will I ever be able to do that?" Well, T3 magazine wants to help. Entitled "Turn your PSP into a SNES, Gameboy and more!," the feature describes the steps necessary to transform your PSP into a homebrew platform. It states that you need 2.0 firmware or less, but don't forget that there have been a slew of downgraders that can transform even newer firmwares.

The scan can be found here. There are only 12 steps, and each comes with a handy picture to walk you through the process. Have fun, if this is the guide you've been waiting for before making the dive into homebrew. But make sure that you remember: it still can brick your PSP, so be careful.

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