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Video Sandwich: July 23, 2006


Ah... the weekend. While the other Joystiq and Fanboy sites seem to offer absolutely no updates, PSP Fanboy strives to entertain you... at any cost. You should know the format of the Sandwich by now: you get two new interesting PSP videos, usually made by fans. In the middle of this video bread is the meaty, cheesy and tasty commentary by me. At the top, you'll see an incredible parody of how to hack a PSP. It's a lot less sane than other guides, but it's also a lot more funny. If you don't find it particularly amusing, at least you can laugh at this man's clear abuse of technology. Who wants to bet that his monitor didn't work after this experiment?

At the bottom, you'll see a real world reprucussion of the racist white PlayStation Portable ads. I love how awkward the news anchors seem when discussing this topic. But then again, news anchors always look awkward, don't they?

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