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Circuit City 'forgets' to mention HD DVD

Matt Burns

Go grab your Circuit City flier from Sunday's paper and turn to page 17. What do you see? We see Circuit City trying hard to educate their would-be customers about the different ways to get a high-def signal. Good for them, but the only problem is that 1/4 of that page is dedicated to Blu-ray. Yes, a person can easily acquire and view high-def content via that medium but what about HD DVD? Circuit City does have more HD DVD titles then Blu-ray but yet they failed to mention them on this page.

Circuit City's love with Blu-ray doesn't stop there. if you search for 'HD-DVD' or "HD DVD" on their home page you get sent to general product categories where if you search for Blu-ray, you get an info page comparing them. The part for Blu-ray clearly indicates more points for that format and our favorite is the one that indicates that Blu-ray has drives for computers already. Do that search for HD DVD again but add Toshiba too. Do you see the same Toshiba laptop with HD DVD as we do? Good. We thought were going crazy here.

So it looks like the Blu-ray Association has Circuit City in their pocket.

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