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Nintendo not speaking at Tokyo Game Show

Jason Wishnov

After Nintendo announced that they would be revealing launch and pricing details no later than September, most rational people simply took this to mean another keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show, where they unveiled the Wiimote one year prior. However, the keynote speakers for the event have been announced: Ken Kutaragi of Sony, and Yoichi Wada of Square-Enix. No Iwata-san?! What's going on? Though this technically doesn't rule out the possibility of Nintendo still speaking at TGS, it seems highly unlikely that launch details would be revealed without the presence of a keynote.

So, what does this mean, faithful readers? Many have speculated on the possibility of the return of the fabled SpaceWorld expo, a Nintendo-only event that hasn't taken place since 2001. Nintendo officials did say it would come back someday. Regardless, without TGS, Nintendo is almost certainly planning some sort of special event to unleash the final secrets onto the public. Whenever shall it be?

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