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Sirius halts production of some satellite radios

Darren Murph

Apparently someone should really investigate the FCC's approval process, because this marks the second mishap in 2006 that has forced a satellite radio company to halt production of some of its radios. Not too far behind XM's run-in with the law, Sirius is also facing scrutiny for their FM-transmitting devices. Apparently the emissions are too powerful for their own good (which might be a good thing, considering our Helix test unit's FM transmitter was unbelievably underpowered), and the excessive output is beyond the regulations they were originally approved for -- seems pretty straight forward. Although we aren't certain of the exact radios affected in this filing, Sirius seems confident that the devices in question fully comply with FCC regulations (that stamp of approval is valid, right?) and this scuffle won't require any major recalls or financial losses. Regardless of who dropped the ball here, the FCC is definitely making this a painful year to be a satellite radio provider.

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