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WWDC Bingo

Scott McNulty

John Siracusa is best known for writing in-depth and incredibly geeky pieces about Apple technology. Who knew that in addition to being a hardcore geek John can be a whimsical geek as well (I consider myself to be an uberwhimsical geek. It is a fact that I have never lost my child like wonder)?

Case in point WWDC Bingo. Simply print out (or play online) the Bingo card and mark an 'X' in the box whenever Steve does, or you think he does, what is noted on the card. I am certain that 'Boom' and 'Otomatic' are two squares that'll be filled early on.

Oh, and bonus points if you do this at the actual Keynote, just don't forget your lucky Phil Schiller Troll doll.

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