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HDBeat Podcast 023 - 07.25.06

Ben Drawbaugh
Another week another Podcast, it's been 23 straight weeks now and we still look forward to doing the show every week. For the second straight week it was the four of us, but we are discussing the magic number and would like some feedback. We may even have a poll, but for now feel free to commit on the number of hosts in the comments to let us know how you feel.

This is the last Podcast that will be released on Tuesday mornings, from now on you can expect the shows on Wednesday afternoons. We think this will work out better for everyone and hope you don't mind waiting another day to get your HD fix.

HD DVD vs Blu-ray is once again on topic, but Ben also describes the new Series 3 TiVo and how it is different from the DIRECTV version. We also discuss CableCARD and why it hasn't taken off.

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Ben Drawbaugh, Matt Burns, Erik Hanson and Richard Lawler.

Ben Drawbaugh

1:06:30, 32 MB, MP3

Eight of the Top 10 Critics Best Shows are in high-def
Arrested Development and Enterprise to be on HDNet
Is Blu-ray really Sony's format?
Samsung blames bad Blu-ray reviews on faulty chip
Disc Authoring Problems
Sony announces BWU-100A, their first aftermarket Blu-ray burner
Sony AVCHD camcorder followup
Multistream CableCARDs expected "within the next few months"
TiVo Confirms Series3 Testing, Hitting Retail "Soon"
Ask HDBeat: Is DIRECTV ever gonna release their MPEG 4 HD DVR?
Ask HDBeat: Why don't I own my new DIRECTV box


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