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Leander Kahney and Apple sitting in a tree

Scott McNulty

Today Wired reporter Leander Kahney did the unthinkable: he admitted that he loves a multinational corporation that is incapable of every returning that love. Good thing the giant corporation he loves is Apple or I'd be forced to think there was something wrong with him.

Leander points to the elegant way that Apple's handles dates in columns that are resized. The date formatting changes so that the date is still readable within the column, just another example of Apple's attention to detail. It is these touches that make people like you and I (and Leander) love this company that does nothing for us other than take our money and manipulate our emotions so well.

Why do you love Apple so (and if you're reading a blog about Apple chances are you like it more than most people do so just fess up to it)?

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