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Rumor control: Panasonic might bring Blu-ray to the UK in just two weeks

Matt Burns

T3, a UK gadget mag, is indicating that Panasonic has scheduled a Blu-ray press conference for August 8. The mag is expecting a big Blu-ray announcement aimed at Europe too. Somehow, they are thinking that this press conference is going to also start the sale of Panasonic's Blu-ray player. Sure, this press event might be to announce that Panasonic is going to, in fact, bring their Blu-ray players to the UK but don't think that they are going to be available for sale anytime soon. We wish that was the case, but it just isn't the way these manufacturers have been working lately. They will announce the product with all the glitz and glee they can, but it probably won't be available for a few months and definitely not available before Toshiba's HD DVD launch in two weeks. NOTE: We do hope we are wrong though.

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