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Real-life water gun RPG hits London

Blake Snow

Londoners have begun playing StreetWars, a city-wide role-playing game where people roam a city and shoot up each other incognito with water guns. The event has already taken place in New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vienna, and can be described as a "three week long, 24/7, water gun assassination tournament."

Breitbart writes: "As part of the game, participants are handed a manila envelope containing the details of their 'target,' including their name, home and work addresses, along with a picture, and are assigned with the task of 'assassinating' them with a water gun. Upon being 'killed,' the person who has just been eliminated from the game hands details of their target to the successful 'assassin.'" The last dry standing person is declared the winner and is given a cash prize of about $500 bones.

True story: I got busted (although never incriminated) as a young punk in a drive-by Super Soaker shooting at a strip mall after playing Duck Hunt. Okay, the Duck Hunt part didn't happen, but the Super Soaker villan is still at large playing games and living a life of crime!

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