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Paramount releasing "The Ultimate Star Trek Movie Collection" on HD DVD

Matt Burns

Captain Kirk is about to meet high definition. Paramount is currently working on remastering all of the original movies found in the Ultimate Star Trek Movie Collection into HD DVD. There is also a slight chance that they are going to do Blu-ray too. It just keeps getting better though. MovieWeb is reporting that the studio is also remastering all 79 original episodes into high-def as well. Are we going to stop there with the Star Trek news? Oh no. We've got more for you as it seems that they have ideas to release all four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise on a high-def format too. We don't have any release deets for you yet, but you can expect to see it as soon as we do.

What does this mean for the HD DVD format? Huge or nothin' special? We vote huge.

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