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VidaBox launches media center PC line-up

Darren Murph

In a market becoming saturated with one HTPC offering after another, VidaBox is launching what seems like just another HTPC line-up for those too busy to build their own. Four strangely familiar looking models are headed your way: the ROOMMATE, SLIM, LUX, and MAX, which aside from performing all the usual functions -- recording live TV, storing music and photos, and sporting a snazzy case -- feature "unparalleled storage offerings." The LUX and MAX models offer up to 3.75TB of storage and includes their "VidaSafe" technology (which appears to be RAID, folks) to keep the machine running and your files recoverable, even if one of the hard drives fails while operating. As with most pre-built HTPCs, they don't come cheap, and with prices ranging from $1,499 to near-infinity, the VidaBox line-up can satisfy your wildest home theater desires if your credit card can stand the punishment.

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