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Wiimote used to store profile?


After giving us an excellent look at the DS Opera browser, (dot)Ed started looking at Nintendo's other console, namely the recent controller documentation that hit our fine inter wubs. His keen eye focused on the Wiimote's 6kb of Flash RAM, he let the floodgates of thought be opened and damned his sleep schedule. "What could it be used for?" he asked his karate-kicking, last-cop-on-Earth friend the Karate Cop. It was then that it dawned on them both and they looked each other in the eyes and whispered "profiles."

See, he suggests that the memory will be used to house a profile that will be associated with that user as well as the possibility that it could even hold pertinent data that would be used to input said user's own avatar (custom or not) into games. What do we think? Well, 6kb is an awfully small amount of memory, but we doubt, nay, refuse to rule out the possibility. Instead, we will do the courteous thing and leave the final conclusion of both the site's opinion and humanity's safety itself up to you fine readers.

We think you're properly equipped for it.

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