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21 hours with G4: the final ragging

Ross Miller

The Game Rag could not wait any longer, so it posted the rest of its feature chronicling 21 hours watching G4TV. As the day progressed, and a new episode of Attack of the Show shone through crappy re--runs like a dimmed light, author Michael Piercey lamented at the cold truth: even if G4TV got the right formula for gamers, would we even watch?

Many of us yearn for a return to the days of TechTV, for various reasons (Leo LaPorte being one of the most frequently cited, but we also loved Eye Drops). Back then, GameSpot TV / Extended Play (the ancestors of X-Play) still got flak for being out-of-touch with gamers. We are a disparate lot, whose tastes have only be satiated by the multitude of outlets available on the internet. We are not defending G4TV; we just wonder if it is even possible to make a successful gaming channel.

It would need a few improvements and additions:

  • Coverage of major league gaming events, including discussions and tips from the major players
  • Daily news programs that highlight the biggest news of the day. This can pose a problem, as much of the news is made via the internet, and showing a website on a TV screen is boring (though necessary in this instance).
  • If you want to play re-runs, how about game-related cartoons and movies? Better yet, make it a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style show and lampoon every horrible attempt (read: every attempt so far) to make a game-to-film adaptation. Then show The Wizard.
  • Embrace public opinion. If people are saying you are horrible, roll with the punches. Showing some humbleness would not hurt right now.
  • Independent developers would love some on-air exposure, and there are more than enough out there to lessen the amount of necessary re-runs.
  • Do not talk down to gamers like we are children. Leave that to children's programming and remember that a majority of gamers fall into the Daily Show's target audience and older.
Game Rag boss Nathan Smart has also offered a rather tongue-in-cheek apology to G4TV.

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