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EU investigating (unoffically) anti-trust issues on Blu-ray & HD DVD

Matt Burns

The European Commission has started a probe into the licensing strategies of HD DVD and Blu-ray. They are concerned that the two arch-enemies rival formats are not breaking any European competition rules. Keep in mind that this is not an official investigation yet, just a probe. The EU is not indicating who they sent requests for more information too, nor how many companies are involved. We really don't have much more info right now as it seems like this probe was just launched a few hours ago but we will keep you up to date. This investigation is based in Europe so we still don't know how much this will effect us here in the US, but we are guessing that if somewhere down the road one of these formats need to pack up shop then we will feel it here.

How much do you think this could effect the format war here in the States?

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