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Is Gears of War spamming Xbox Live users?

Joystiq Staff

Tipsters bring word that perhaps some people within the Gears of War camp are spamming a few Xbox Live users. We were under the impression that Microsoft frowned upon the use of these kinds of tactics; in fact, the lack of spam is definitely one of the positives of the whole service. Either way, an Xbox Live user named MFenix (Marcus Fenix is the main character in GoW) is messaging users with the following:

We need your help. Can't talk now. Don't know who to trust. Will send more tomorrow.

Then followed up with:

Thank you for your help. Don't trust messages from anyone but myself and Dom. He's using the covert name of LocustHordeH8r. They are everywhere, and even classified information sent here could be compromised. We're working on a code. More tomorrow.

We've contacted Microsoft and they have refused to comment on the rumor or speculation. During the whole MI:3 fiasco, Microsoft's position was this:

The recent communication to the customer was NOT sanctioned by Xbox Live. Microsoft's position is that the community will and should manage itself, through providing gamers with a voice they in turn take ownership and responsibility for their experiences. Supporting this, Xbox Live has a robust feedback system in place for situations exactly like this. If required, gamers can file a complaint in the system to report inappropriate behavior or language, which Microsoft will follow-up and investigate fully.

Have any of you gotten this? Also, what's your take on using Xbox Live as a place for spam or viral marketing?

[Thanks, Paul and Michael Piazza]

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