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Insignia Amigo flash-based MP3 player

Darren Murph

It's fairly obvious that anything sold "exclusively" in Best Buy might be a bit suspect, and their Insignia house brand is no different. The Amigo, however, is a surprisingly decent looking flash-based DAP with a built-in FM tuner and OLED display. Not much bigger than an iPod Shuffle, it comes in 1GB and 2GB flavors, supports MP3, WMA, Audible, WMA-DRM (PlaysForSure-ready), and touts the ability to display pictures and album art on the external display. The removable, rechargeable battery keeps the tracks spinning for 18 hours, and they even toss in a carrying case and mini-USB cable to boot. While the package is far from remarkable, and the branding isn't likely to boost your social status, the Amigo is well-suited for conquistadors on a budget; if you can wade through the pestering boys in blue, the Amigos are available now for $99 (1GB) and $129 (2GB).

[Via DAPreview]

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