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Scarface joins next-gen cancellation list

Joystiq Staff

It's hard out there for a gangsta. After the Sopranos just got the next-gen axe, Scarface follows suit and blows up plans for an Xbox 360 release. According to GameSpot, Vivendi has just announced that any chance for a 360 release is dunzo, but to make up for it, a PSP iteration of the game will come out this fall.

While it's true the developers have been very mum on the next-gen version (in fact when we played the game not too long ago, they had told us there wouldn't be one), it was announced back in 2005 that it was considered. Well now it's official, no next-gen version.

What's going on here people? Are we really starting to see the effects of large budgets for next-gen games exploding in developer's faces? Somewhere, a Nintendo exec is laughing.

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