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Fusion Tour offers sneak peek at Wii


Unless bands like Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, and Emery rev your motor, the Nintendo Fusion Tour probably isn't the biggest news of the year. Or it wasn't, at least... until Nintendo announced that sneak peeks at the upcoming Wii would be offered during the tour. That's enough to get any Nintendo fan churning for a ticket!

There's no official word yet on what we'll see of the Wii during the tour, but many gaming sites are hoping theorizing that playable demos will be available in the gaming kiosks during the shows. That does make sense, since the execs at the House of Mario have said several times that they want the fans to have a chance to test the Wii before its release. And oh, we want that chance, too. Do we ever.

But there's more to consider than the blend of music and games with the added bonus chance to clutch a Wiimote in our sweaty little hands. Would Nintendo release their shiny new console during the tour? Could these dates indicate that we'll have to wait until -- the horror -- after November 11 for our Wii fix?

[Via Go Nintendo]

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