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Consumer Reports first look: Sharp's 37-inch 1080p LCD - LC-37D90U

Matt Burns

No matter how you feel about 1080p, we can all agree that it's not going away and is the way of the future. Up until now, 1080p has been reserved for larger sets where the extra resolution is really needed, but Sharp has managed to cram those extra lines into one of their newest LCDs - the LC-37D90U. Consumer Reports happened to get their lucky hands on the set and just published a first look at it. So what did they think? Well, they report that the detail is simply superb from a high-res source; as it should be. But we are curious how the picture looks from a non-high-res source, such as cable or normal satellite. They also like the color and grey-scale that the set can produce, but like any other LCD, the black levels are just O.K.

Anybody have the LC-37D90U? What do you think of it?

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