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20 million PSPs shipped


Fanboys love the numbers game, because nothing tells you the quality of a system like the profit margins of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Sony revealed that as of a week ago, 20 million PSPs have been shipped worldwide. Mind you, these are not representative of sell-through numbers, but it is impressive nonetheless. You can see that the PSP is far more successful in the American and European markets than in the Asian ones (Note: JPN includes shipments to the rest of Asia). Although the PSP has been successful, it appears that Sony's not meeting its own sales expectations: you may remember that Sony anticipated shipping 20 million PSPs in 2006 alone. In order to do that, it'll need to ship 15 million more by year's end. Will the Christmas season prove to be the injection of sales Sony's looking for?

[Via IGN Boards, Insider membership required]

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