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American Airlines Center loaded up with nearly 500 Dell flat-panel HDTVs

Matt Burns

Sometimes it isn't the size that matters, but rather the quantity that is more impressive. Dolphin Stadium may have their gigantic HD billboard but, the home of the Dallas Mavericks is going to have nearly 500 Dell HDTVs installed in it. That's right, we said Dells. The tally starts with 185 42-inch plasmas for the luxury suites and commons, 23 50-inch plasmas for the more 'up-scale' areas, and 276 23- and 32-inch LCDs on the concourse. This is starting to be the trend and most major venues have flat-panels installed but not many use Dells. This could be a big coup for the computer maker. The American Airlines Center can hold 19,200 fans during the basketball season (18,00 during hockey) so that makes a whole lot of people staring at these Dell screens while they are waiting for their $6 beers.

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