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Gaming brands aren't among world's elite, except 'Nintendo'


BusinessWeek has released its version of the world's "100 Top Brands," as compiled by Interbrand. To qualify, a company must draw about 1/3 of its earnings from outside of its home country, be recognizable outside of its base of customers, and have publicly available marketing and financial data. Parent companies are excluded from the list, as are airlines.

In 2006, Microsoft has held steady at the #2 spot and Sony has climbed from #28 to #26. Both company brands are no doubt boosted by their presences in the games market, but there are many additional -- and more significant -- factors that contribute to these brands' positions. Considering this, Nintendo is the only gaming-specific brand to crack the Top 100, falling one spot from last year's mid-point to #51. Think 'Xbox' or 'PlayStation' could make the list, if considered separately from the larger company brands?

[Via Guardian Unlimited]

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