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Hack your Bluetooth Mighty Mouse to use less power

Scott McNulty

Riddle me this: what uses more power when it is stationary as opposed to when it is in use? Apple's new wireless Mighty Mouse.

Ram Sripracha noticed that the Mighty Mouse features a LED which provides the user with some feedback. When the mouse isn't paired with a computer the LED flashes, a fairly standard Bluetooth peripheral convention. It gets a little more interesting when the Mighty Mouse is paired with a machine, the LED stays on when the Mighty Mouse isn't being moved but turns off once you move it.

Multimeter in hand, Ram figured out that the mouse was drawing more power when it was stationary and less when it was in use. So hee did what any good hacker would do: disabled the LED to save power and posted instructions on how to do it for the rest of us.

I am certain this voids your warranty so crack open your Mighty Mouse at your own risk.

[via Hack A Day]

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