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HD DVD and Blu-ray released on August 1st 2006

Ben Drawbaugh

Tomorrows four new Warner titles mark the begging of their Blu-ray support. Only one hasn't also been released on HD DVD, so they are sure to kick off tons of comparisons between the two formats. Many people are predicting that the Warner titles will also be MPEG2 despite the same titles being previously released for HD DVD using VC-1. Paramount got off to a late start for HD DVD, but they seem to be in high gear now with 3 more titles this week to add to their four from last week. They like Warner are carrying the flag for their respective formats.

Despite the number of studios backing Blu-ray, they haven't been able to make much head way in catching up to the number of titles HD DVD has released. HD DVD has twice as many titles and Blu-ray is only adding one more title than HD DVD this week it would take a very long time for them to catch up, nevertheless pass them, as many might have thought.

We're not sure what happened to those titles Erik told us about last week, but according to our sources and Amazon they have yet to be released.
This brings the total to HD DVD 48 vs Blu-ray 24.



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