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Lucky LEM writer finds a $25 iMac at a thrift store

David Chartier

Some people have all the luck. In this case, it's Adam Robert Guha over at LowEndMac who found a $25 Snow iMac at a thrift store. The store (obviously) didn't know much about it, so when he got the machine home he found that it had a 500 MHz PPC CPU, 30GB hard drive and 384 MB of RAM.

Adam went for the gold and found that it ran Mac OS X 10.4.7 surprisingly well, and he was able to get online with Safari. So what's a guy to do with a $25 iMac that can live and play in this modern Mac OS X world? Why, give it to his grandparents, of course! He installed Firefox, a couple of games and AOL in the hopes that this 'no cables needed' machine would inspire his grandparents to toss the Performa 630 and start blazing up the interwebs. Not a bad move for such a lucky find. Time for me to go see if my local thrift store mis-priced a PowerMac G5 as a broken air conditioner.

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