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MediaGear HD2GO photo viewer / personal media player

Matt Burns

Looks like Epson might have a competitor in their niche market of devices that are photo viewers first and personal media players second. MediaGear's HD2GO is strikingly similar to Epson's Photo Fine devices with its large, 3.6-inch screen, 20GB hard drive, CF slot, and MP3 playback. This market might be for you if you fit the description of a hardcore mobile digital camera user that needs a spot to dump all of your pics and view 'em on a larger screen but also need the occasional video playback option. Just make sure you keep to your photography work as video playback sucks down the battery life to a minuscule 4.5 hours on the HD2GO. The real difference here, however, is that the Epson P-4500 might have a larger 80GB hard drive and a cleaner look, but it retails for $640, quite a bit more than the $295 that the HD2GO will go for when it hits the streets in September.

[Via PhotographyBLOG]

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