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Nokia launches UMA trial on home turf

Chris Ziegler

While some companies are keeping their UMA trials under wraps -- or at least they're trying to -- Nokia's keeping no secrets in launching a 50-family test in its native Finland. Participants in the town of Oulu will receive Nokia's 6136 UMA clamshell (we're guessing there's no room for whining about form factor or case color here), and thanks to Oulu's "Pan Oulu" project, free WiFi hotspots around town make UMA a particularly compelling sell. The trial is currently scheduled to last at least two months, during which Nokia will be keeping a close eye on handoffs, performance over WiFi, and presumably anything else that's managed to dog UMA thus far. We might be reaching here, but we're kinda hoping at least a couple of those trial families do us all a big favor whine about the 6136's lack of Bluetooth.

[Via Gizmag]

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