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Play Unreal Tournament 2007 in 2007; PS3 date unknown

Joystiq Staff

Midway confirmed that the PC version of Unreal Tournament 2007 will not make its holiday deadline, and instead release sometime next year. A spokesperson told GameSpot, "Right now, UT 2007 (PC) is slated to hit in the first half of 2007."

As for the next-gen console debut, despite a claim in a PSM issue that the game would be a PS3 launch title, Midway says, "The next gen version(s) [of UT2007] have yet to be tagged with an exact ship date yet."

Versions? Does that mean an Xbox 360 UT 2007 is coming out? Midway responded, "Nothing is yet confirmed ... [but] I would say that your assumption is relatively plausible."

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