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Verizon Wireless to end music download fee

Darren Murph

Now that the LG Chocolate has finally launched, Verizon has apparently figured out that charging $15/month for the privilege of visiting the V CAST Music store is probably not such a bright idea. In what appears to be an intentional simultaneous release with the Chocolate phone, V CAST Music is now free to browse -- sure to delight 2-inch-window shoppers everywhere. The monthly fee previously required to access the V CAST VPak, which allowed you to shop for tunes on your mobile, has been nixed. Now anyone with a "V CAST Music-enabled" device can download tracks to their cellphone at the current rate of $1.99/song (or $0.99 if downloaded to a Windows XP-based PC). The $1.99 downloads contain two songs: one for the phone and one for the PC, but songs downloaded directly to the PC can be transferred to the mobile free of charge (Verizon, making things easy?). While it might seem a tad ridiculous that such a fee was charged in the past, at least Verizon is headed in the right direction here, and who wouldn't be excited about having to "only" pay $1.99 for a single?

[Via Mobiledia]

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