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French 'DRM interoperability' law reverses stance, no longer forces Apple to open iTMS

David Chartier

Portions of France's copyright law that initially were going to force Apple to open the iTMS + iPod economy for interoperability have now been ruled as unconstitutional. In fact, these provisions have taken almost a complete 180, and they now provide for fining anyone who is caught reverse-engineering DRM in the name of interoperability. Going even further, small fines of 150 euros ($191) for uploading music and 38 euros ($48.50) for downloading it have been replace by steep criminal charges and multiple years of prison time, as well as fines of 500,000 euros ($638,200) - at least that's better than the 'up to $150,000/song' that we have here in the U.S.

Whether you consider this a win or a loss for the digital music industry, let's try to keep any resulting discussion civilized boys and girls.

[via CNET]

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