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Porsche Design working on a GPS receiver?

Evan Blass

We've seen the Porsche Design team try its hand at radios already (both self-branded and in conjunction with Grundig), and now it's apparently looking to enter the GPS game with an upcoming receiver powered by Navigon software. Dutch site Pocketinfo is claiming that their mole contact inside Navigon has revealed a device known as the P9611 (supposedly standing for Porsche 911 + Mobile Navigator 6 -- seems like P9116 would make more sense, though) which features a 520MHz Xscale processor, 4.3-inch, 480 x 272 pixel display, built-in traffic update support, and even an embedded Bluetooth car kit from Parrot. Details are still pretty thin at this point, but Pocketinfo is reporting that the unit will start shipping in October, for a Porsche-like $950. Apparently the P9611 will also work in non-Porsche vehicles, but it'll be pre-programmed with the locations of all Porsche dealerships worldwide, and will beep like crazy every time you pass one until you finally cave in and pick up at least a Boxster.

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