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Project Manager chats up Dead & Furious


Turns out we weren't the only ones who thought the recent Dead & Furious trailer (recently removed) resembled a disgusting mess of road kill littering the highway, undoubtedly the loser in a deadly game of Racoon Vs. Car. Oh, you never heard of that game? Well, I assure you it exists...and is quite popular...somewhere.

In light of the huge cringe that went out over the internet in response to the leaked trailer, DS-x2's Jacob decided he'd get his interview on with the game's Project Manager over at Dream-On Studios Benjamin Yoris. Benjamin was quick to defend the title, stating that the leaked trailer in no way reflects what the final quality of the game will be. Benjamin also managed to get our attention when he commented on the game's multiplayer.

"If you're familiar with gun powered arcade games then you'll have a pretty good idea of what you will find in Dead'n'Furious cooperative mode. Each player on his/her console can shot enemies on their own Touch Screen, while seeing the same scene. We added just one difference : there is a unique health jauge for the 2 players to reinforce the cooperative feeling. In Dead'n'Furious you live and die together!"

Now that's a cool feature. Hopefully, the next time we see the game in action it won't be so disappointing.

[Note: We're assuming that "jauge" should be "gauge."]

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