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Street Fighter II shoryukens XBLA Wednesdays

Here it is, folks. The one XBLA game we've all been waiting for. Originally unveiled at CES last January, the nearly eight-month wait has been a true test of patience. Lesser gamers blew all their MS loot on puzzler after puzzler, hoping to break The Hunger. Now they sit there, in a jewel/gem/crystal-induced catatonic state, unaware of the day's significance.

Street Fighter II is here and you can grab your 800 earmarked MS Points (that's ten of your Earth "dollars") and download the ~50MB arcade classic before venturing online and having a 14 year-old who's never even heard of Street Fighter the game ("the movie was hella great though") embarrass you terribly, sending you back to the warm embrace of the Joystiq comments page.

There, there Joystiq reader. It'll be okay. You'll get the hang of that d-pad in no time, and then it'll be you making them your "bitch." Feel better?

[Thanks to all you Street Fighters for the tips!]

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