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Technology is a girl's best friend?

Darren Murph

It's fairly obvious companies have realized that men aren't the only ones doing damage on the credit card at the gadget store, but recent studies have drawn some perplexing conclusions about just how much the ladies love their tech. Putting a presumably prominent notion about women to the test, Oxygen Network (a cable company owned and operated by females) found that 75 percent of the women they surveyed would choose a plasma television over a diamond necklace (take that, DeBeers). To further substantiate the findings, women were found to own about 6.6 gadgets each, while men sported 6.9 -- definitely not a very macho-sized difference. Not even the closet was safe, as 86 percent of ladies said they would prefer a digital camcorder over a fresh pair of designer kicks. Women said they would likely increase their involvement with digicams, cellphones, email, and SMS over the next 5 years, drawing the gender technology gap ever closer. Of course, studies like these should always be give attention with a grain of salt, but we'll admit that the industry is better off with gals' design concerns and needs in the mix, and besides, how else would we be able to excuse ourselves from rebuying all our gadgets in pink?

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