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Three thoughts on the "new" Min-E3

Blake Snow

Uber-hip, SF-based GigaOM reacts to the death of E3 as we know it. Their mixed thoughts on the smaller, E3 Media Festival are as follows:

  1. Less (no) booth babes a good thing: "...the whole thing had become a public relations disaster that conveyed to the outside world the not-inaccurate impression that the industry was dominated by cheesy sexists oblivious to the vast market for games outside the 18-34 dude demographic."
  2. More game press, same result: "As described, the new 'targeted' version of E3 will cater even more aggressively to the gaming press. This is a problem, because gamer magazines and websites are notoriously uncritical of the industry's offerings, dependent as they are on advertising from the major publishers, and a readership comprised almost exclusively of young male fanboys."
  3. Less gamers equals more sequels: "In his announcement, ESA's Lowenstein says future E3s will create a 'more personal dialogue with the worldwide media, developers, retailers'... oddly forgetting to name, you know, gamers."
If what they're saying is true, sounds like the new event still won't do much towards the betterment of the industry. Now back to playing Madden 15.

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