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$30 EV-DO... in Alaska, that is

Chris Ziegler

We're aware Alaska's known for breathtaking wilderness, twenty hours of sunlight, and the Permanent Dividend Fund. But 3G? Cheap 3G, no less? Apparently, our friends way up there north of the 54th parallel have been rockin' EV-DO since the early days back in 2004. Alaska Communications Systems is now offering their DSL customers mobile broadband for $30/month, plus a free AirCard to boot; granted, coverage is limited to cities (and we might even have to use the term "city" loosely here) and coverage degrades to 1xRTT when roaming in the lower 48, but hey, the price is right. Now if we can do something about those nine months of winter, Engadget HQ might just be looking at a relocation.

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