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Google ads will stream out to XM listeners

Darren Murph

In what looks to be another accomplishment on its supposed quest for world domination, Google is expanding yet again. This time, the search-engine-turned-conglomerate is making way for AdWords customers to get their plugs into the ears of XM satellite radio listeners. In a deal between the two companies, XM will allow Google's AdWords clients to get their spots on whichever non-music XM channel they feel appropriate -- apparently not even Google had the wherewithal (or the desire) to get advertisers onto XM's "commercial free music channels." Having purchased dMarc Broadcasting for $102 million in Janurary, Google isn't a radio newcomer, and this signing provides a fairly enormous audience when combined with their plans for terrestrial radio (they're already advertising in Detroit). Google, presumably looking out for the little guys (and its profit margins), envisions satellite ads to be less expensive and more appealing to small businesses by cutting out the lengthy sales pitch typically found in plain 'ole AM / FM radio advertising. Aside from making the process of getting a commercial on the air much less painful, touting those "7 million XM subscribers" as potential buyers will likely attract a new wave of AdWords customers as well. So, what've they got their hands in now? Your Dell PC, a new internet, a vast supply of "dark fiber," WiFi in cities, and now satellites -- apparently the plan is coming together beautifully.

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