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Joystiq interview: Cliffy B

Joystiq Staff

Yesterday, I sat down with video game standout Cliffy B and spoke with him about everything from Epic's upcoming 360 savior Gears of War to the recent E3 news. As usual, Cliffy was very open and honest and more than willing to answer anything thrown at him.

One answer I wasn't able to squeeze out, however, was what was up with those GoW viral marketing rumors. Cliffy quickly denied any knowledge or responsibility over them. Read the full interview after the break.

About how long has Gears of War been in development?

Well, it has been developed for two years, but we've had the idea for five.

How would you describe this game to someone?

It's sort of like an interactive cinematic experience. I wanted to take all the cool features that I've seen in other games and put in some new cool stuff too. This game is all about intimate violence. The gameplay itself just feels tight and crisp, which is something I really wanted, that snugness. I love games, but there's not a lot out there that thrills me besides my DS. This is not your typical circle and strafe shooter. It's contemporary, but unique enough to be something special.

What are some challenges you faced when creating the game?

The cover system has been extremely challenging. Getting that down was a big deal for us. Also, fine tuning that third-person view took some work. We want to make sure the targeting and feel fit the game.

How has your experience developing for the 360 been?

Good. It has basically been a straight shot right over from the PC. It's very easy to develop for -- especially using the Unreal 3 engine.

What are your thoughts on the recent slashing of E3?

I had a real love/hate relationship with E3. It was our Superbowl, but it got to the point where it really just wasn't worth it anymore. The best place to show off any game is in a dark room. You need something more intimate. Something that is pretty much the antithesis of [the original] E3. But don't get me wrong, I'm gonna miss what it was. In its own way, it helped legitimize the business. It was the one thing where your mom could turn on CNN and see news about video games. That meant something.

How have you guys been handling the pressure of being Microsoft's premiere holiday title this year as it goes up against the Wii and PS3 launches?

We don't really think about that. We're just going to make the game we want to make.

Speaking of the PS3, what do you think of it?

Well, I'll buy one when the price goes down.

Are there any plans to do a Gears of War sequel or franchise?

I'll never commit or say that a game will have a sequel or series. I just want to put all my focus on this game and make sure it's the best it can be. I do have ideas though for spin offs and things like that.

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