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Segway Human Transporter HT-V1A passes FCC

Ryan Block, @ryan

Been a little while since we've seen a new consumer device for sale from the Human Transporter people, but it looks like Segway's doing something in those secretive facilities of theirs, and it's not just thinking up four-wheeled versions of the classic. We don't yet know what the HT-V1A (model 2014500001) is, or what the hell it was doing in the FCC, but it was filed twice and approved for use in transmitting on Bluetooth frequencies (between 2405 and 2475MHz). We can think of a few things you could do with a wireless Segway, but we'll save our distant hopes for Segway RC racing for another day, since details are a little slim yet to speculate much more than, say, the addition of Bluetooth GPS guidance capabilities.

Update: lookey lookey here. We got word from a Segway insider that the segway's not what's passing the FCC, but instead it's a detachable wireless display. Among other things, it will apparently allow the Segway owner to deactivate the unit while a rider's on it (in case it's been stolen). Very interesting.

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