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The Lake House will be the first movie to debut on DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD on the same day


The romantic drama The Lake House starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock will be a day-and-date release on HD DVD & Blu-ray with the standard DVD version on September 26. The HD DVD version will be a combo DVD/HD DVD disc meaning only 15GB of storage for the high definition film, while the Blu-ray edition will ship on a single-layer 25GB Blu-ray disc. The space difference hasn't been a problem so far on HD DVD so we don't expect it will be here. No word on any extras yet although we can probably expect the same ones as the standard-def DVD release. The HD DVD version will be priced slightly higher in line with other combo releases, but have the ability to play in a regular DVD player. Much like the first combo disc released for HD DVD, Rumor Has It, we're really puzzled by the choice of movie but welcome the trend of films coming out on next-generation formats without any delay.

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