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Ask HDBeat: Who else is going to make a HD DVD player?

Matt Burns

This happens to be a very common question around here. Who else is going to make a HD DVD player? The only HD DVD player available right now happens to be from Toshiba; well, there is a RCA branded player but it is really just a re-badge from the Toshiba. The HD DVD team isn't a very big one and besides Toshiba as their star player, the only other consumer electronics makers on the roster is Sanyo and NEC. We did peep Sanyo's first HD DVD player at this years CES, but the HD-S100 is nowhere to be seen even though it was suppose to launch earlier this year. The HD DVD bandwagon has an uphill battle to face once Blu-ray gets their ball rolling, they have so many CE manufacturers behind 'em, the market is going to be bombarded with Blu-ray players. Toshiba will have to stand-up and prevail in a big way before any of those Blu-ray team members cross over to the HD DVD camp.

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