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CNET Review: Sony's newest 1080p 60-inch SXRD -- KDS-60A2000

Matt Burns

This is Sony's latest take on their SXRD big-screen line-up and we know many of you have been waiting for this HDTV, so here ya go -- the first extensive review of the KDS-60A2000 courteous of CNET. First off, lets just say they loved the HDTV and gave it an hard-to-reach 8 out of 10. The set is built off of Sony's amazing SXRD panels and provides the viewer with 1080p goodness. (Yes, the HDTV even accepts the signal on both of it's HDMI ports.) The set might cost a few bones more then a comparable DLP set, but CNET thinks that it will be worth it for most people. The colors delivered but yet the blacks maintained deep levels. It wasn't all fields of poppies though, the set did have "some issues" with standard-def and the color reproduction wasn't up to CNET's high standards. The set did get a glaring red mark on it's report card when it failed the 1080i resolution test pattern that a 1080p HDTV should have not issue with at all; last years KDS-S60XBR1 passed. Sony indicated that it was a pre-production model and give 'em instructions on how to fix it via a service menu; it eventually passed over the HDMI and component-video sources but still failed via ATSC.

Overall though, they must have liked the model a lot to give it such a high-marking. Best part of the review though, was that they didn't use a Blu-ray player for testing -- they used Toshiba's HD DVD player. Zing!

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