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Dead Rising demo here, Gears demo not coming

You know what time it is, don't you? It's time to clear out your 360 hard drive, swollen from demo after demo, turgid and bloated. We've got yet another (Friday) demo, this time Capcom's new zombie-killing title, and she's a big girl. Weighing in at 1014MB, the demo might appear large, but with a 15-minute time limit, it's really just supposed to whet your appetite for zombie gore (just a taste, you're not supposed to swallow it). That's the good news.

The bad news: all that room we cleared out for yesterday's "BIG" announcement is gonna be used for the Dead Rising demo. Emergence Day was it, folks. There won't be any face-melting Gears of War demo coming out prior to the retail launch Emergence Day, so says Epic's resident party pooper, Mark Rein:

"I don't see any way we could do a demo before the game comes out. We've said that before. Demos take a long time to create and polish and we can't afford to get derailled like that if we want to have the game in stores by Thanksgiving."

What about that super-polished E3 multiplayer demo everyone keeps gabbing about? We'd settle for that, y'know.

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