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Embedded Automation launches mServer for home control


It seems we've been on the verge of home automation for the past couple decades, but for some reason those dang consumers have stuck with their "Clap On Clap Off" light fixtures and continue to open the door for themselves instead of stepping into the future. We're not sure if Embedded Automation's new mServer product for home automation will make a difference, but it sure has the feature set to give it a decent shot. The product can work via a PC browser, Media Center Extender, and also can be managed remotely over the internets. With the system you can manage lights, security, HVAC, IP cams, irrigation and IR devices all with a bit of plain-jane home networking, and it's interoperable with protocols like Z-Wave, INSTEON and products like Elk security, Axis cameras and Global Cache network adapters. Sounds like good fun, but the $1,400 pricetag might curb your enthusiasm.

[Via Chris Lanier's Blog]

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